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Our Pressure Washing Technique is Better

Someone blasting away at your property is not the right way to get things clean.

All pressure washing companies in the Jacksonville / Richlands NC area are not the same.  We use a low pressure technique called Soft Washing. Watch our demo:

Soft Washing is different than traditional pressure washing.  Soft Washing is a low pressure cleaning process that works better and is safer. Instead of using dangerous pressures to clean, we apply our solution of high quality detergents that bond with the dirt and grime so that it can be gently rinsed away with low pressure.

Moldy Siding?

We have all seen the homes with mold growing on them. It is common here in the Jacksonville area. Pollen, dust, and dirt can all be food sources for mold. That is why keeping your siding clean can stop the mold before it starts.

Here are a few of the things mold can do:

  • Mold can break down the “colorant” in vinyl siding. If this happens, even after cleaning, the siding may look splotchy.
  • Paint coatings can be weakened by mold and premature paint failure can result.
  • Central heating and cooling systems can “pull” mold behind the siding, making it harder to clean off.


Soft Washing by Heritage Pressure Washing is the solution to this problem. Our house washing process will give your home a soapy bath that will remove mold, dirt, pollen, and make your siding squeaky clean again.

Clean Your Whole Property!

You may want to consider adding Driveway Cleaning, or Deck Cleaning to your house wash package as well.  We can even clean your vinyl privacy fence.

You will be amazed at the difference!

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