Composite Deck Cleaning

Jacksonville, North Carolina has seen an increase in the popularity of decks made from composite material – Trex® being the most common brand. Even though Trex® is a very expensive decking option, people are attracted to it for several reasons:


  • Uniform look it provides
  • Decay/rotting resistance
  • Splinter free
  • Environmentally friendly


The biggest misconception associated with composite decking is that the material is “maintenance free”. Not true. (The manufacturers of Trex® and others like it do not even claim that their products are maintenance free.)

As with any deck (composite or natural) the most important thing to do in order to maintain it is to keep it clean.

Here is the hard truth: Composite decks are actually harder to clean than natural decks. The textured surface of composite gives dirt and pollen a place to settle into, making a breeding ground for mold growth. In our experience, it takes a good scrubbing and the right cleaning solution to get these decks clean.

Be careful who you choose to clean your deck. Most pressure washing companies do not use proper techniques for composite deck cleaning.  Why risk having your deck damaged?

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